January 25th, 2018 by Darbi's Cafe

Let me start by saying that Darbi is a native to the White Mountains, born and raised here and a graduate of Blue Ridge High.

While I originally wanted her to write this page so that she could tell her own story, I assure you she is far to humble and modest for that. Therefore I will share with you what I know and hope that she (and others) can accept this page as simply being “truth”, not some over exaggerated ploy to sell her on the internet.

Darbi has been in the restaurant business all of her life, and impressively enough, she opened Darbi’s Cafe at the very young age of 23. It seems everything she touched just turned to gold! Normally I might be a bit jealous of this, but if you were to know Darbi as others do; you just couldn’t be happier to see her success become a reality.

Her cafe is truly “her baby”, and if she is guilty of anything….it is the sheer determination to please the most unpleasable. She refuses to settle for less and it shows, from the quality of her food to the staff that she hires, Darbi strives for perfection.

Her warm personality makes her a pleasure to work with and for, and while just a few of the awards on her wall boast having “The Best Wait Staff”; you will feel it the moment you walk in the door. People are genuinely happy to work here and it shows.

Though Darbi’s Cafe has now enjoyed more than 12 years of success, I assure you she is still there working right along side her crew. Whether it is behind the register, on the cook line, or washing dishes; she simply does whatever needs to be done to keep things running smoothly.

Her generosity in the community and with her staff has made her one of the most gracious people I know, she is honestly what I believe to be “a dying breed” among this generation. One who deserves every good thing life has to offer because that is all she gives!

I (and everyone up here) wish her many many more years of continued success!

Please feel free to contact Darbi with any comments or suggestions. While she will certainly go above and beyond to address any complaint you may have, positive feedback is also most welcome. 🙂


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