6am to 2pm Sun – Tues

6am to 8pm Wed – Sat

Breakfast served 6am to 12pm daily

Lunch and Dinner menu served from 11am til close

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner specials offered Mon – Sat


*Darbi’s Cafe is closed in celebration of Thanksgiving & Christmas Day!



6 Responses to Hours

  1. Mona Nunez says:

    This place and the food is the best!!!… I can’t wait to go back to Lakeside to dine out here..

  2. Cj says:

    Darbi’s is the best restaurant in Pinetop and has the BEST food. We’re on our way for our yearly anniversary trip and can’t hardly wait to stop in. April 19th-22nd. 34 yrs and counting. See you soon.

    • Darbi's Cafe says:

      CJ I am just so sorry for the long delay in getting on here to respond! I wish I had some great excuse, but the truth is just get so busy responding on other websites I sometimes forget I need to login to my own now and then. Lol

      We do hope you had a wonderful time last month, and an even better anniversary! 🙂 Thank you for being such a loyal and gracious part of our humble little cafe.


  3. Charlene taylor says:

    Hi guys! Wow your restaurant sounds amazing!! We’re moving out there from California in February when my husband gets out of the military… I’ve been a waitress a long time and I’m gonna be looking for a job when we get out there… it looks like a place I’d love to work and serve some guests great food! Hopefully I’ll get lucky and you’ll be hiring 😁

    • Darbi's Cafe says:

      Welcome to the mountain Charlene! I have been very blessed with a long time staff….but one never knows what the future holds. By all means stop in when you get here, the worst that can happen is we won’t have a position at that time.

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