Q: Is gratuity added on large parties?

A: NEVER! This is one of my biggest “pet peeves”. Gratuity should always be at the customers discretion of how they feel they were served, not something forced upon them.

Q: Do you take reservations?

A: Overall the answer is no. Because we are a very busy restaurant it is virtually impossible to reserve tables throughout the day and night for small groups. However, if there are 6 or more in your party we strongly advise you call in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your group at the time of arrival or close to it. 928-367-6556

Also we do encourage you to call before heading over, if we have a waiting list we will add your name to that list before you arrive. If we call your name before you get here we will skip over you but come back to it.

Q: Can we expect a long wait for a table?

A: This depends not only on the time of day, but also the time of year you come into the restaurant. Summer and weekends are our busiest times, and while we don’t accept reservations for small groups, we do encourage you call before arriving. We will tell you if there is a waiting list, and if there is, we will gladly put your name on it prior to your arrival which will minimize the wait time. If you have not arrived by the time we call your name, we will go to the next party but your name will remain on the list.

Q: Do you serve alcohol?

A: Yes! We have a full liquor license, but not a full bar. We try to keep a nice selection of beer, wine, and few of the most common liquors such as rum, whiskey and vodka. We also offer Mimosa’s and Bloody Mary’s made from scratch.

Q: Is there a happy hour?

A: No! Darbi’s cafe began as a charming family restaurant that stands alone from the major chains found in the big cities. While we have implemented cocktails so that people of age may enjoy a drink with their meal, our goal is that this “family atmosphere” of dining doesn’t get lost.

Q: Do you have beer on tap?

A: No, all beer is bottled only at this time.

Q: What would you consider your “signature dish” if someone were coming for the first time?

A: Our servers are asked this question repeatedly at the table and will gladly help you decide or even suggest one of our more popular menu items. At the risk of sounding “cliche”, all of the food is of the highest quality and very enjoyable. It is easier on a face to face bases to suggest something based on a few items you may be considering.

Q: Do you take credit cards and/or debit cards?

A: Absolutely! We accept all forms of major credit and debit cards.

Q: Do you take checks?

A: No we do not accept checks at this time.

Q: Can we purchase gift certificates?

A: Yes! We have gift certificates available inside the restaurant for an amount of your choosing. There is no service fee for purchasing and they are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Q: Does Darbi have outside dining available?

A: We do have a lovely patio outside which seats up to forty people. The patio is open daily during the peak season (May through October), and during the colder months it is fully enclosed and available for dining on week-ends only.

Q: Do you have a salad bar?

A: Yes, and it is truly one of the best salad bars you will enjoy.

Q: Is breakfast available all day?

A: No, breakfast is served until noon seven days a week. While it would be nice to make our breakfast menu available throughout the evenings, we have minimal grill space to accommodate both breakfast, lunch and dinner simultaneously.

Q: Is the menu available here accurate?

A: We are constantly striving to add, modify and adjust our menu to reflect our customers feedback and/or suggestions. So while the menu available here will be very similar (if not exact) to the one at the restaurant, there may or may not have been recent changes that have not yet been updated here.

Q: Why do you only serve dinner four nights a week?

A: Darbi actually opened 7 years ago as a breakfast and lunch cafe only. Several years ago she decided to open for dinner seasonally to see how it went, it was such a success that she continued serving dinner year round. While all of us know that Darbi could easily remain open seven nights a week successfully, the three nights she is closed is when she is truly able to enjoy her family without worry. As mentioned on the “About Darbi” page, there is nothing she won’t do to make sure her customers are happy, therefore she keeps herself on call anytime the restaurant is open and we may need her. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings are well deserved evenings for Darbi to enjoy in peace.

Q: Does Darbi’s deliver?

A: At this time we do not offer delivery. However, you are welcome to call in orders to be ready for pick-up by calling us at 928-367-6556

Q: Do you offer a Gluten free menu?

A: At this time we do not offer special menus for people who are avoiding Gluten, however we do have gluten free bread that we are happy to substitute for you at no charge. If you are unsure if an item contains Gluten or not please ask your server.

Q: Does Darbi offer daily specials

A: Yes we do. We offer daily specials for breakfast, lunch and dinner six Monday thru Saturday. Our specials vary daily except Friday and Saturday nights. Friday’s fish fry and Saturdays Prime Rib are offered weekly and are a tradition that our locals have come to count on.

Friday Fish Fry is available from 11am til close at 8pm and features 2 pieces of Beer Battered Cod, 4 Jumbo Shrimp, Coleslaw, your choice of French Fries or Mashed potatoes, and 1 trip to our soup or salad bar which always  features our home made Clam Chowder soup to compliment your meal. All this for 13.99

*Saturday’s Prime Rib exceeds most every expectation by including an approximate 12oz cut of succulent Prime Rib, Vegetable of the day, your choice of Potato, and of course a trip to our soup or salad bar for 17.99

*Prime Rib dinner is now offered “Cajun style”. This is a new twist on a classic dish. Have your prime rib perfectly seasoned and drizzled in hot garlic butter (YUM), of course this too is served with all the trimmings and available for 19.99


Q: If we share a meal is there an extra plate charge?

A: Absolutely not! You are always welcome to share a meal, however, we ask you do not share the salad bar please. You are always welcome to purchase a small trip to the salad bar if you are sharing a meal and would both a like salad and/or soup.

Q: I am a light eater, is it ok to order off the kid’s menu?

A: Yes, the kid’s menu is for the young, and the young at heart. However, we do offer the soup and salad bar for children 12 and under; this meal is not available for adults at the children’s price.


2 Responses to FAQ

  1. Jerry Hopper says:

    We travel from Tucson to Pinetop at least 3 times a year and love your place! Great food and awesome service. See you next month.

    • Darbi's Cafe says:

      Thank you Jerry!

      We have always felt that we have the absolute greatest customers, and your comment (among others) is just more proof that we really are blessed!

      Look forward to seeing you soon!

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