In a world that is full of Ipads, Notepads and Smartphones, “online reviews” have become unavoidable for business owners. While we are truly grateful to have so many wonderful reviews online, one really bad one can be devastating. So devastating that I am just unsure if even the people who write them realize the damage they can do.

While we have had to accept that there truly is no way of pleasing everyone, we sure would like to try while you’re still here. On a few occasions we have had a few horrible reviews placed on extremely popular websites, these reviews can not only be financially devastating, but the emotional toll when someone publicly posts such things can be even worse.  All of us take these things so personal as we really are a close knit family environment who continuously strive to provide the best food and the best service! We understand we will never be perfect, but perfection is always what we strive for at Darbi’s Cafe.

If you have a problem with your meal and/or service please give us the opportunity to fix it before writing about it, we just can’t do anything if we aren’t made aware of the situation. I assure you, if given the opportunity to “make it right”…we will go above and beyond! Of course if you loved it and want to share, it always makes our day to read about it. 🙂

Thank You

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16 Responses to Reviews

  1. Dave & Debra Jones says:

    Darbi a wonderful young lady and all her staff are amazing people and that is, ‘amazing’, especially when you see how many rude people they constantly deal with.

    They all go out of their way to make menue changes the customer wants, find another place, that does that !

    The food, wow, great and more than most can eat…

    If I wasn’t retired and I was still in business, these are all the people I would want working for me.

    Dave Jones

    • Darbi's Cafe says:


      First I want to apologize for such a long delay in responding. It has been a crazy busy season and it is all I can do to keep up with all aspects of it sometimes.

      As for your kind words, what can I say….you make us smile on the inside every time you come in.

      Sincerest ‘Thanks’ and we just thoroughly enjoy you and Debra as customers, and friends!


  2. MCR says:

    We have eaten at Darbi’s every time we have visited the White Mountains from hot, dry Texas. So when we move to Show Low later this year we intend to eat there regularly. Everything we have both had has been very good. And very generous portions.

    • Darbi's Cafe says:

      Thank you so much!

      We not only appreciate the kind words, but we really look forward to getting to know you better very soon! 🙂

  3. Ben Caulkins says:

    Very grat food

  4. Maren Urkov says:

    We work in Pinetop every 6 weeks and LOVE Darbi’s! Its the highlight of our work day! We’ve been eating there for years and can honestly say we have yet to order something we didnt like. Fried zucchini is a must with us and the salad bar/soups are so yummy, good variety. We recently started going there for breakfast before our day starts and OH.MY.GOSH! Bomb! Highly recommend Darbi’s!!!

    • Darbi's Cafe says:

      Maren, can I keep you? Lol

      Really though, what awesome things you had to say and they truly made me smile from the inside out!The next time I am feeling overwhelmed, I am going to remember your words, thank you so much for that!

      See you in six weeks! 🙂

  5. Cj says:

    OMG!!! As usual Darbi’s doesnt disappoint. We LOVE everything about her restaurant…the service, people and of course the AMAZING FOOD ! We’re a valley couple up here only once a year for our anniversary but Darbi’s is the best place to eat for whatever you’re hungry for and we wish we lived up here to enjoy it more often.
    YUMMO, as Rachel Ray would say.
    Thanks Darbi & staff for our usual great experience.

    • Darbi's Cafe says:

      Guess you answered my question on your first comment, lol. So very very happy to hear that CJ, you are the best!!!

  6. A. Marquez says:

    We recently moved to Tucson, this summer will be our second vacation to pinetop and it just happens to fall over my sons 10th birthday. When discussing what we were going to do he said “I don’t care where we go, but can we go back to darbis for breakfast?!” We went everyday for breakfast on our vacation last year and will again this year. Looking forward to the fish fry! Thank you darbi and staff for such a wonderful, family friendly Reaturant.

    • Darbi's Cafe says:

      Awe….what an awesome story, thanks so much for sharing! (and a very special “Thank You & Happy Birthday” to your son)

      We hope to see you every time your in town. 🙂

  7. Dave & Debra Jones says:

    Been traveling month + now, to east coast, northern Midwest and now headed home.

    Darbi’s is the best restraunt.
    It will be nice, to be back home to always great staff, service and food at Darbi’s.


  8. Darbi's Cafe says:

    🙂 Thank you so much Gail!!!

    Each year I vow to myself that I am going to login to this website more often in the busy summer months, and each year I seem to fail miserably at it. 🙁 However Gail, if we continue to “WOW” you and others when they come and visit us at the restaurant, then I guess I need to accept that my priorities really are where they should be. 🙂

    Thank you so much for coming to see us, and for taking the time to share this wonderful comment on our website.

    We all hope to see you again soon!

  9. Michael Huffman says:

    Darbi’s came HIGHLY recommended from a local who enthusiastically said it’s “THE BOMB” for breakfast. My mom ordered 2 pancakes and I was -thrilled- to see Florentine crepes on the menu. Mom’s pancakes were HUGE and arrived with a golfball-sized amount of whipped butter on top. Oh my gosh… was our immediate reaction. The warm maple and boysenberry syrups were delicious. My crepes were incredibly yummy, perfect in every way including the Hollandaise sauce on top. We returned for dinner last night, and again the vast menu and attention to detail paid off. Mom chose salad bar and soup (chicken noodle) and I had an absolutely delectable fresh-sliced turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, lettuce tomato on wheat bread. Everything perfect, honestly. I sampled their “corn chowder with green chiles” and it, too, was spectacular. Service wonderful. Not at all stuffy. Casual, easy place and likely 99% of people would find this place pretty darn close to perfect. By the way, we met Darbi… and felt even better to support a local entrepreneur who really cares about the customers’ happiness. Darbi’s lives up to the incredible reviews no doubt. Go. Now.

    • Darbi's Cafe says:

      What an awesome review Mark, thank you so very much!

      I’m sorry there was such a delay in responding to this, but as you can imagine…life can get pretty crazy at times.

      I appreciate your business, and am honored and humbled that you took such time to write such wonderful things.

      Hope to see you up here again soon. 🙂

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