Welcome to Darbi’s Cafe….

As many people already know, The White Mountains of Arizona is one of the more popular places to get away from it all.

Our visitors include those enjoying the cool summer weather with bountiful days of fishing, hunting, or just star gazing from one of the many campsites….to those who enjoy all the winter sports available at Sunrise ski resort. Sunrise is only minutes from Darbi’s cafe and offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the state.

Regardless of what brings you to Pinetop, a big part of experiencing all this charming community has to offer is knowing where to eat. We at Darbi’s would like to extend a warm invitation to enjoy our home cooking in an atmosphere which will have you coming back time and time again.

From the huge menu selection of delicious meals, to the many trinkets and treasures which make up our decor.

This is one little cafe you will want to share with all your friends and family



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3 Responses to Welcome to Darbi’s Cafe….

  1. Kate O'Connor says:

    Visited here in February 2014, as we were staying nearby-what a fantastic experince, and what a great introduction to America for my 14 year old daughter-and me-as we had never been to the USA before. Just bowled over by how very charming the staff were, how great the food was, how comfortable and cosy the setting was, and so on….it was wonderful!
    we are back there next Easter and will be dieting beforehand so we can do full justice to the AWESOME breakfasts …before trekking or skiing to burn some of it off.. 🙂
    Darbi’s is the standard by which all other diners shall be measured….

    • Darbi's Cafe says:

      What a lovely thing to say Kate, my staff and I thank you so very much…and welcome to the States, that is amazing!!! Thrilled that you came to see us and so very humbled by your words. I will make sure to share this with everyone so they are reminded just how awesome are customers are.

      We really look forward to seeing you and your daughter at Easter! 🙂

      Safe Travels,

      • Kate O'Connor says:

        You betcha….

        Might need to go on a bit of a diet first-there are so many tasty dishes for hungry hard workin’ types!!!

        Perhaps if we spend a day up at the ski resort in Sunrise….we will go to Darbi’s for fuelling first….

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